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Sculpture Studio and Gallery at The Loft

In 1999, while standing in a grove of trees at Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California, I envisioned four towers among the trees, completing a circle. It was intriguing to bring this mental image into the physical world. After constructing the first four of the 20 towers which were ultimately made, their first installation was with those trees to complete that circle.  Janice Govaerts’ work reflects her deep connection with the earth. Her 6′ tall towers of coiled clay have been likened to trees, termite mounds, stalagmites, and the towering hoodoo rock formations of Utah. Other ceramic sculpture includes her seed pod series and  stone series. Four of her towers are at the Junior Art Center in Barnsdahl Art Park in Los Angeles.

After retiring as District Chief of the Torrance Superior Court, Jan Govaerts received her Bachelor of Arts in studio art in 1991, and has never looked back. Her work has been shown in galleries across the United States and abroad and is in private and public collections, including the Artcolony Galichnik collection in Macedonia.  She is past president of the Board of Directors of Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, and is now teaching ceramics at the Center. Govaerts and her seven studio mates founded the Loft Studios and Gallery, and have been instrumental in starting a lively arts scene in historic downtown San Pedro.

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