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Contemporary Art Gallery and Painting & Sculpture Studio

Since 2002 artist Michael Stearns,has run galleries in Long Beach and San Pedro. Gallery 33 East in Long Beach was an especially bright spot in the Long Beach art scene and served as an incubator to talented artists who moved on to develop national reputations.

Now with Gallery 347 he has tapped into the deeply rooted San Pedro arts community, showing artists from throughout the South Bay, as well as his own work.

As a sculptor and painter Stearns creates wild raucous figures and contemporary abstract images that reflect  his interest in the San Francisco school of art as well as a desire to connect with earth based influences.

“Works in my portfolio reflect my fascination with color” says Stearns.” I identify primarily as a colorist. I love the emotion that color evokes. Color is like music, it connects with us in ways we do not even realize. Mixing intense color creates a calmness and a question all at the same time.”


Categories: Studio/Artist

347 West 7th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731