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Michael Ziegler’s life is a passionate, unending
quest for great photographic images.

“I see the world in rectangles,” he says. “When I’m talking with someone, I automatically put them into a rectangle the way a camera would, and then study how light changes as they talk and move.”

Known for striking black & white and brown-toned photographs,
Ziegler also has a large collection of color images which he
continues to add to his web site for stock photography usage.

Interesting and unusual people are a major target, but Ziegler often focuses on tiny, zen-like still lives–or sweeping landscapes. “If something needs to be photographed, I do it. Why limit yourself to ‘just’ people, or ‘just’ landscapes? The world is a visual feast!”

A graduate of the University of Portland, Ziegler bought his first camera at a pawnshop as a junior in college, and instantly fell in love with photography. He’s had no formal training, never taken a class or workshop. “By the time I found out there was a photography class at the University, I was beyond the basics, so I just kept taking pictures, learning from my mistakes, asking questions of anyone who could help.

“I am fascinated by the challenge of trying to put a concept or a story or an impression into a rectangle, especially under pressure, when a split second means the difference between a great image and an average one.

Besides being impacted by the images of masterful photographers, I constantly delight in the composition and lighting of such painters as Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Vermeer.”

Although Ziegler has gone mostly digital he appreciates film
and believes the darkroom is the greatest teacher of all.

“I wouldn’t dare calculate how many hours I’ve spent in the dark since I began taking pictures. Mistakes jump out at you, and rewards are instant and thrilling beyond description.”

See Michael Ziegler’s photography at his website.

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