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Harbor and 6th – painted by Adrienne Wade

Harbor and 6th – painted by Adrienne Wade

Artist Adrienne Wade

Confucius:  Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

This art created on the utility box, is a celebration of heart.

The grit and glamour of San Pedro gets paired with the undertone of interconnection. This is a story about following your heart’s desire. The four images are about an unfolding pattern, choosing a direction, growing love and connecting with one’s heart. Each piece is an interpretation that guides the viewer to a heart based understanding.

Go With All Your Heart

The front image reveals a being with a heart of gold, shinning bright; a symbolic metaphor for the paths we individually choose; each road representing free will. The yellow color throughout this piece represents the golden treasures found within, as we travel toward our heart’s desires. The color blue suggests that we humans are a blue blooded species underneath the surface.

Grow Love

On the side with the rain drops, a heart and flowers growing is a reminder that what we focus on grows. What we water, grows. In a garden every seed we plant has the potential to bloom; so much like the heart garden. Whatever we plant (beliefs, patterns etc.) blooms when cared for. So yes, this is a visual reminder to grow love!!! Here’s a little secret about this piece… If you look deep enough into the heart’s image you will discover the hidden abstract message saying I LOVE YOU!


The back panel is an abstract design representing flow and movement; a metaphor for the patterns and flow within the patterns and situations we create


This abstract image of an open heart with tribal patterns within and around the body outline was inspired by this saying, “Love is not an emotion, it’s our very existence.”


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June 29, 2015