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Harbor at 5th – painted by Miriam Jackson

Harbor at 5th – painted by Miriam Jackson

Reality Rewritten by Miriam Jackson

I intend to challenge the viewer’s perceived reality by reflecting reality in a new way.

The landscapes visible from the box at 5th and Harbor had the most district views for me.  The USS Iowa has an interesting shape for an artist and the foreboding flat grey of the ship provoked me to paint it in bright happy colors.

The containers and cranes look so small from across the water.  I zoomed in to show the massive microcosm and superimposed everything in between to create the composition you see.

I hope to imply emotion, without speaking, and to alter perception.  The world can change from perception alone.  I hope to provide an additional form for appreciating the surrounding environment.

The abstract designs represent the unseen, the unnoticed and the infinite.


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June 29, 2015