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About Us

In downtown San Pedro, the arts and the waterfront are primary resources of the revitalization of the area and provide physical, social, cultural and economic benefits to strengthen and sustain the community. Over time, many artists and arts and cultural organizations have found a home in San Pedro and have become vital to the Community. The District is home to over 30 galleries, 25 unique/non-chain restaurants and at least a dozen world class artists who own property in and around San Pedro.

In 2009, the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, the former CRA/LA and a group of local artists, restaurateurs, and arts organization leaders teamed to create the San Pedro ACE District. (ACE is Arts Culture and Entertainment). This organization developed an ACE Plan and implemented a five-year, funded economic strategy for historic downtown San Pedro, designed to put the arts first.

Since then the ACE District Advisory Committee and the Chamber of Commerce, have developed more than fifty projects/collaborations providing more than $300,000 in grant funding to assist San Pedro artists, galleries and arts organizations.

In the fall of 2013, while anticipating the final year of the funded plan, the ACE Advisory Committee committed itself to lead a next-phase transition from the CRA grant-dependent model to a new ACE/ San Pedro Waterfront Arts District (Arts District). We’ve come to think of the initial $500,000 CRA funding as fuel for an arts incubator:

  • Over the first three funding years, the ACE District became a grant organization and the money was used to market arts organizations and gallery shows.
  • We’ve reoriented our thinking in order to build what we hope is a sustainable organization, capable of raising additional funds via grants, sponsorships of public art projects, and public education programs.

The goals of the new Arts District are to:

  • Re-organize in order to cultivate new sustaining partnerships;
  • evolve the accomplishments of the past;
  • generate new opportunities to support local arts, culture and entertainment;
  • and fulfill the mission to nurture the cultural roots of San Pedro through arts advocacy, education and promotion.

Our Next Steps:

  • A new 5013c nonprofit organization with new By-Laws, a revitalized Board and a mission focused on developing a lasting legacy via public art projects.
  • Working with the CD 15 Office, Clean San Pedro and GAP the Arts District has sponsored artists to paint DOT utility boxes – the theme is “Unexpected Pedro.” The Board has encumbered funds to continue this project and have artists paint 5-7 more boxes in 2015.
  • Develop new web site and social media platform
  • Work with a Design Advisory Panel – assists with public art choices
  • Large Mural Project
  • Arts Education efforts
  • * Seeking Local Collaborators for Additional Projects/FundingOur vision is to leave a lasting legacy in the form of public art projects, further engage the community in the arts and make this town scream art!